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Sea to Sky Fencing & Cedar Products specializes in superior quality custom cedar fences. Cedar is an ideal material for the West Coast climate when protected with our proprietary S2S Stain.

With a built-in moss and mould inhibitor, UV blocker, water repellant, and fire retardant, S2S will extend the life of both newly built, and pre-existing cedar fences and shake roofs to make them essentially maintenance-free.

Our water based, environmentally friendly stain is particularly ideal for consumers who want to revive the look of their cedar shake roof by reconditioning the cedar to look like new. S2S allows the natural properties of cedar to shine and does not seal and kill the wood, which can eventually lead to rot.

S2S is only available through Sea to Sky Fencing and is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 3 years.

Benefits of S2S

  • Moss & mould inhibitor
  • UV Blocker
  • Water repellant
  • Fire retardant
  • Adds value and curb appeal to your home

Our Signature Staining Package

Ready to protect your fence? Here’s how the process works when working with Sea to Sky Fencing.

  • 1Inspections/RepairsInspection of current condition and minor repairs arranged if necessary.
  • 2Conditioning, Washing & RemovalExisting moss and debris is gently loosened with our eco-friendly cleanser. Surfaces are then carefully washed with a low pressure spray to remove the loosened debris and to expose the raw wood.
  • 3Sealing/PreservationS2S is applied using a low-pressure sprayer on the wet wood to seep into the open pores and then allowed to dry to seal in the stain properties.

Our custom cedar fences and decks will accentuate your property, whether it's in the forest or the city.

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