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From custom cedar fences to decks and railing, Sea to Sky Fencing is dedicated to making your property beautiful, modern and functional. We provide service to commercial and industrial clients, as well as residential.

Our Specialties

fence finished cedar north vancouver

Custom Cedar Fences

We design and build custom cedar fences. No matter the scope of the project, we can create a fence that will meet your privacy needs and last for years to come. We also install and repair any type or brand of fence you may have.

Custom Cedar Decks

We design and build custom cedar decks that will suit your existing home or your home plans. We also install and repair any type or brand of deck you may have.

staining cedar deck

S2S Staining Services

With a built-in moss and mould inhibitor, UV blocker, water repellant, and fire retardant, S2S will extend the life of both newly built, and pre-existing cedar fences and shake roofs to make them essentially maintenance-free.

We also offer a few related services

Not only do we provide fences and decks, we can build and install a range of accompanying products, including:

Our custom cedar fences and decks will accentuate your property, whether it's in the forest or the city.

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